repairs and upgrades

Repair RAM Performance

Is your computer running slow, or even freezing up entirely? Maybe it’s gone bang and let the magic smoke out, and now it won’t power up?

Or perhaps it’s just old and slow, and would benefit from a nice RAM upgrade.

Here at Infinity Computers, we have repaired hundreds of machines, with faults ranging from a dead battery up to complete motherboard failure. If your computer can be repaired, we can repair it. And if it can’t be repaired - or it wouldn’t be cost-effective to do so - then we can recover your data and help you get a nice shiny new computer to put it on.

internet setup

Router Wireless Laptop connected to the Internet Mobile Internet

There are many Internet providers out there, and many people find setting up their own Internet connection to be confusing. We can help throughout the whole process - from choosing a provider, to plugging in the hardware and setting up wireless connectivity.

refurbished systems

Desktop computer Laptop

If you need a new computer, and want it as cheap as possible, why not consider one of our refurbished machines? They’re not top-of-the-range of course, but if you just need a low-power system on a tight budget, this might be the way to go.

Of course, our stock of refurbished systems changes all the time. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

expert advice and tuition

Questions Blackboard Graduation

Thinking of buying a new printer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop? Give us a call first. We will be happy to advise you on how best to avoid buying an overpriced hunk of garbage. For example, it is not uncommon for a full set of inks to cost more than the printer itself; and there are plenty of shoddy, second-rate tablets out there.

Perhaps you’ve already bought your desktop, laptop or tablet, but are unsure how to use it correctly? We can help! Whatever your skill level, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

laptop repair

Repair Broken laptop

Dropped your laptop, and now it won’t power up? Or cracked the screen?

Laptops are often more difficult - and costly - to repair than desktops, but it can be done. We can help with various issues, including broken screens; broken keyboards; broken CD drives; broken chargers or charging sockets; failing hard drives; and dead batteries.

We can also recover data from (most) dead laptops, even if the machine itself is not worth repairing.

data recovery

USB flash drive Hard drive Compact disc Floppy disk

Many people assume that a broken computer means their files are lost. This is quite often not the case. Even if your desktop or laptop won’t power up at all, chances are the data is recoverable. Before you give up and throw it out, come and see if we can recover your important files.

viruses removed

Bug Biohazard Shield

There are literally millions of computer viruses roaming around on the Internet, and contracting one is worryingly easy. Opening an email, or visiting a website, can often be enough to infect your computer.

If your system is throwing up adverts and popups on your screen; or your browser has sprouted half a dozen toolbars; or your system is inexplicably running slow, this could be a virus at work. We can remove these intrusive pests, and get your system working smoothly again.

systems built to order

Motherboard CPU RAM Case

When you walk into a shop and buy a new computer, your choices are limited. The retailer chooses which machines they will sell, and you must pick one of them - often without having any idea what’s inside the box. But that’s not your only option!

With a custom build, you get to choose. Don’t like the colour? Change it. Want a faster processor? Sure, we can do that. Need more RAM? Not a problem.

Of course, you don’t have to make such fine-grained decisions yourself if you don’t want to. Simply tell us what the machine is for, and we’ll come up with a suitable specification. Perhaps you’ll be doing video editing, and will need plenty of RAM and hard drive space. Or maybe you collect a huge quantity of photographs, in which case you’ll need hard drive space but not so much RAM. Alternatively, you might just want the system for browsing the Internet, writing emails and checking Facebook; in which case you won’t need much of anything at all.

Whatever your requirements, we can build the right system for you.